About me

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Hi. I'm based out of Somerville, MA, working on my PhD at MIT in the Precision Engineering Research Group (PERG) with the Tata Center for Technology and Design. Here, I am working to develop low-cost, high efficiency pump design and manufacturing to lower the barrier to year-round irrigation on small-plot farms around the world, among other applications in artificial lift, purification, and power transmission. In addition to my studies and research, I am a co-founder at Khethworks. I have a B.S. in mechanical engineering at Olin College, and a S.M. in Engineering Systems from MIT.

I'm passionate about using technology and design to make the world a better, more beautiful place. The last few years of my life has taught me that I still have a lot to learn and do before I've wrapped my head around what this means. Now that I have accumulated some skills that are useful to other people, I intend to use the next few years to hone my engineering skills, learn how to make a meaningful impact, and attempt a few forays at doing so - after all, the best way to learn is through trying.

When I'm not engineering or sleeping, I follow my passions for cooking, running, cycling, climbing, and talking about politics.

Want to talk about making things, making the world a better place, or making food? Hit me up at Kevinpsimon@gmail.com.